Feb. 10th, 2016

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Some fandoms appear to be specifically referring to certain runs rather than all comics under the name.
  • X-Factor (Comics) - This had at least three major runs, not all of which seem closely related or contain the nominated characters. Does the nominator have a run/series they were particularly wanting, or do you want all of them? Also please specify cape name or any.
  • Ms. Marvel (Comics) - I approved this label as is, thinking since Carol Danvers was also nominated, that all were probably intended. However, Danvers does appear in the third series, which focuses on Kamala Khan. Does the nominator want this fandom to continue including all three series or just the third series?
Runaways (Comics) and Young Avengers
  • If you have nominated characters under either of these fandoms that have multiple cape names throughout the run, please specify a cape name or Any. "Any" means you have no preferences for which part of the character's storyline/life/alter ego is nominated.

    E.g. Clint Barton | Ronin will likely generate a rather different fanwork than Clint Barton | Hawkeye, but Clint Barton | Any allows either or any other alter egos, such as Goliath.
Avengers Assemble
  • Hulk & Thor (Avengers Assemble (Cartoon)): Could the nominator please tell me whether this is Bruce Banner | Hulk or whether you are specifying solely the identity of Hulk?
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Marvel 1602
  • Alex Summers (Earth-311 | Marvel 1602) does not appear to exist.
  • Kurt Wagner (Earth-311 | Marvel 1602) does not appear to exist.
  • Raven | Mystique (Earth-311 | Marvel 1602) does not appear to exist.
If you wish to see these characters in Marvel 1602, you can nominate them under (Marvel) instead of (Marvel 1602), e.g. "Kurt Wagner (Marvel)/Sister Wanda (Marvel 1602)". You will be able to include multiple fandoms in a single request or offer in sign ups.


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