Jul. 26th, 2017

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Added a 5-week writing time version: http://marvelismarvel.dreamwidth.org/9229.html

Not sure I like it better, but I found moving it out didn't work well and that's very much as far as I can move it back. Stuck between a move and a Yuletide. Which do potential participants like better?
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A few questions:

  1. Last year, we allowed gen relationships, pairings, or teams in the relationships field. Did this work for everyone? I would like to keep the No Characters/No Relationships method of requests/offers this year as it enabled better automated matching.
  2. Because crossover nominations or umbrella fandom nominating will both be permitted this year, it will be possible to request crossovers between different parts of the multiverse without having multiple fandoms per request. Does anyone want to be able to request multiple fandoms at once?
  3. Do you also want to be able to nominate a crossover character under a different canon than source canon? I'm up for this if the character is a canonical Marvel character from a different timeline.

And a few definite changes:

  1. This year we will allow crossover nominations. You can nominate crossover relationships with disambiguated source fandom in parenthesis, e.g. Clint Barton (616)/Natasha Romanov (MCU) under either character's fandom. You do not have to nominate both canons, but if the second canon ends up nominated by someone else, the crossover pairing may appear under both.
  2. This year I will not require cape names to be specified in nominations but will allow it if a participant wants more specificity. Hunting down participants to fix their noms was painful.


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