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Here is the tentative schedule for the 2016 Exchange:

  • Nominations: February 7-20
  • Sign Ups:  March 1-8
  • Assignments Out:  by March 13
  • Works Due:  May 1
  • Works Revealed: May 8
  • Authors Revealed: May 11

Rules and FAQs to follow.

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The idea here is to organize a gift exchange designed for Marvel and it's many branched runs, authors, related and unrelated fandoms. The idea is to include the X-Men side and the Avengers side and every other side that non-Marvel fans don't realize is Marvel. The idea is to include any timeline you want, any world you want, any character you want, so long as it's Marvel.



Nominating Fandoms

Marvel canon is rich and varied and overlaps in the parts that we actual want to read about, a side effect of long runs, comics events and crossovers, and the many adaptations and timelines in the multiverse.

Nominating a TV Series/Cartoon:

Please disambiguate TV shows, anime, and cartoons, e.g. Wolverine (Anime), Avengers Assemble (TV), Guardians of the Galaxy (TV), Black Panther (TV), Wolverine: Origin (Marvel Knights) etc.

For direct to video titles, please disambiguate with year, e.g. Planet Hulk (2010).

Nominating a Book:

You may nominate a collection/omnibus or a series of collections/omnibuses. If the collection contains a specific run, then the moderator may change the fandom tag to the standard run title and series number.

Nominating a Comics Run:

If a run shares a name with another run, then please disambiguate, e.g. X-Force (2nd Series). If you don't know the series number, you may use publication year(s) or author/artist. Uncanny X-Men has a helpful and very large listing of Marvel comics by run.

If there is a subtitle, please include it, e.g. Spider-Man Noir: Eyes without a Face.

Nominating Overlapping Fandoms:

Fandom nominations are allowed to overlap. A timeline will frequently contain several runs or movies, etc.

You may nominate a crossover event, e.g. Messiah Complex, Age of Apocalypse, Age of Ultron, etc.


Marvel Noir (Earth-90214) contains several runs. You may nominate the entire timeline or a particular run.You may nominate all related runs within a timeline.

Acceptable nominations include:

  • Marvel Noir

  • Daredevil Noir

  • X-Men Noir

  • Spider-Man Noir

  • Spider-Man Noir: Eyes without a Face

  • Spider-Man Comics (Noir)


Marvel (Movies) is the canonical fandom tag containing Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999) and X-Men (Movieverse) (Earth-10005 | Earth-TRN414), as well as the various TV properties.

Note: X-Men (Movies) refers specifically to the original trilogy and does not include Days of Future Past, First Class, Wolverine, etc.

You may nominate any of these umbrella fandoms, a specific series of movies, or a specific movie or show. You may also nominate any closely related subfandoms within a timeline.

Acceptable nominations include:

  • Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • Thor (Movies)

  • Thor: The Dark World

  • X-Men (Movies)

  • X-Men: The Last Stand

  • Agent Carter (TV)

  • Agent Carter (Marvel Short Film)

  • Agent Carter (199999)

  • X-Men: Days of Future Past

  • Marvel 10005

  • Marvel TRN414


If a timeline number is perfectly synonymous within a canonical fandom tag, e.g. Marvel 90214 is synonymous with Marvel Noir, the moderator will standardize to the canonical fandom tag. If a timeline is not perfectly synonymous, e.g. X-Men (Movieverse) contains both Earth-10005 (before Days of Future Past) and Earth-TRN414 (after Days of Future Past), then a timeline by Earth number is an acceptable nomination.

Nominating Relationships


This field is for nominating pairings and/or teams/groups. You may nominate up to six.

For example, for the fandom Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), you may designate Avengers Team - Original or Avengers Team - Final.

You may optionally specify lineup, as above, or nominate any lineup for the team by choosing any. In sign ups, you can specify further details on who you want to see included in your fic.

Acceptable teams/groups would include:

  • Avengers - any

  • Hellfire Club - any (Comics)

  • Hellfire Club - any (Movies)

  • Hellfire Club - any

  • Evil Brotherhood of Mutants - Original(Evo)

  • Howling Commandos (Agent Carter)

Please aim more for clarity than for pretty. The mod will happy to wrangle the tagset for best effect.


Nominate pairings as usual. Please add parentheticals to pairings. You may nominate threesomes and moresomes.

Acceptable pairings would include:

  • Remy Lebeau/Rogue (Evo)

  • Remy Lebeau/Rogue (Comics)

  • Remy Lebeau/Rogue (Movies)

  • Remy Lebeau/Rogue (Marvel)

Nominating Characters

Canonical AO3 tags generally include first and last legal name. For the purposes of this exchange, please specify full name and cape name, as in many fandoms, there may be multiple cape names available.

For example:

  • Clint Barton | Ronin

  • Clint Barton | Hawkeye

  • James "Bucky" Barnes | Winter Soldier

  • James "Bucky" Barnes | Captain America

  • Marie D'Ancanto | Rogue

  • Anna Marie | Rogue

To specify any, please use the name that is consistent first and the any last:

  • Clint Barton | any

  • Rogue | any

  • James "Logan" Howlett | any

Please only nominate characters that appear in the fandom nominated. You will have the opportunity to mix continuities on sign-up.


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