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 We're doing final review of the tagset. Please do the same, but keep in mind:
  • If your nominations are rejected, most likely they are included in the tagset under a different name, especially if we had to go fix some tags drifting into other fandoms.
  • If you nominated gen relationships in the format of "character & character", these are being rejected and replaced with any character nominations missing from the tagset. If you would prefer any team ensemble tags or something else, please reply to this post.
  • There are many umbrella tags, from as large as all of Marvel Comics to as small as a single run of comics or a single TV show in the greater MCU. Seeing a character or relationship showing up in several of these is to be expected.
We'll continue to review the tagset through tomorrow, so if not everything is reviewed yet, don't fret. We'll get there. :D

Sign ups open Tuesday.

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Greetings, other-mod here with a few reminders.

1. Nominations close this Saturday, October 14. If you're still thinking about nominating, there's no time like the present.

2. If you nominated & characters and haven't yet read the clarification post, please do so and either modify your nominations or let us know what you'd like to do.

3. The Marvel (Comics) umbrella is a big one. If you nominated characters under this umbrella and meant to put them into a specific universe, please do so before nominations end. Otherwise, you run the risk of a match in a universe you may not have intended.

Questions? Ask away. Thank you!
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  • Questions on this post here:
  • Also, if you have Character & Character nominations, please revise them. We are not using an & system for making gen requests. Gen requests should be done through character nominations or by nominating an entire team under relationships. As we are hand-matching, we will take your prompts into account in matching.
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  1. General
    1. Character and team nominations are used to make gen requests. The mods will be hand-matching, which means we'll take into account your prompts for character combinations. However, the rules are not set up for gen relationships using &. The relationships field is used to nominate pairings and teams. We are not rejecting & nominations at this time, so you can rework your nominations to suit yourself, but they are cluttering up the queue of nominations we can actually see to approve, so please consider changing your nominations to the system we're using for this exchange.

    3. If you nominate a team, please disambiguate which team roster you want. See the Rules and FAQs for more details if you need help.

    5. If you see a rejected nomination, this was likely because the character, relationship, or team is already approved in the tagset under a slightly different name or spelling or disambiguation tag.

  2. Avengers Academy (Video Game)
    1. Claire Temple & Everyone - This should just be Claire Temple or if you want an ensemble, please nominate the ensemble as a team. Please edit the tag to whichever of those you want.

  3. Marvel (Comics)
    1. Does the nominator want this to be all timelines and character versions available or did you have a particular timeline in mind? If you nominate the characters under Marvel (Comics), then you would be allowing matches from any run or 'verse of comics, e.g. Ultimates, 616, Noir, etc.

Feel free to ask any questions on this post!
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  1. Marvel Cinematic Universe
    1. Natasha Romanov | Black Widow (MCU) and Wanda Maximoff | Scarlet Witch (MCU) - Both Natasha Romanov (MCU) and Wanda Maximoff (MCU) are already in the tagset as approved. Do you want them explicitly with their cape names?
  2. Avengers Academy (Video Game)
    1. Claire Temple & Everyone - This should just be Claire Temple or if you want an ensemble, please nominate the ensemble as a team.
  3. Marvel (Comics) - Does the nominator want this to be all timelines and character versions available or did you have a particular timeline in mind? If you nominate the characters under Marvel (Comics), then you would be allowing matches from any run or 'verse of comics, e.g. Ultimates, 616, Noir, etc.

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Questions, questions, questions! And a couple of answers:
  1. Agent Carter (TV)
    1. Jack Thompson/Original Male Character (AC) - You can request him paired with original characters under Jack Thompson the character, but upon mod consultation, we are not allowing original character nominations at this time.
    2. Similarly, gen requests are expected to occur under characters. You don't have to use & pairings, but can incorporate anyone you want with your characters in the prompts. Matching will occur on characters, relationships, and teams. As we are hand matching, that will take prompts into account.
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies)
    1. Groot & Guardians of the Galaxy Team (Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies)) - First question, isn't Groot a member of the team? You can just nominate the team. And second question? Which roster do you want: GOTG, GOTG2, some modified version of the above, or any?
  3. Marvel Comics/Marvel Cinematic Universe
    1. Lando Calrissian (Star Wars Comics)/Steve Rogers (MCU) - Star Wars Comics are a Marvel property but they are not part of the Marvel multiverse and probably shouldn't be lumped in under Marvel Comics. You may nominate these under Marvel Cinematic Universe/Star Wars Marvel Comics or one of those two fandoms without the crossover. Which would you prefer?
    2. Steve Rogers (MCU)/Steve Rogers (Ultimates Comics)/Tony Stark (MCU) - This should be nominated under Marvel Cinematic Universe/Ultimates Comics or just plain MCU or Ultimates. Which would you prefer?
Anonymous comments are on.

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Nominations: Sunday, September 24 - Saturday, October 14

We have a rather long nominations period due to Yuletide Signups happening in the middle. This should allow you two non-Yuletide weekends to nominate your fandoms, characters, relationships, and teams. Anyone can nominate, whether you intend to sign up or not. It is suggested that you only nominate what you want to either offer or request.  

Nominations Review: Sunday, October 15 - Monday, October 16

Due to the long nominations period, we expect to review and clarify most nominations while nominations are still open. There will be a few extra days to make sure the mods have enough time to review everything.

Please see the Rules and FAQs for nominating guidelines.
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So early this morning, the LiveJournal feed finally started working.

If an LJ participant missed nominations due to the support issue, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.
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Houston, we have a tagset!

So my wonderful marvelicious participants, the tagset is done, pending any questions or clarifications you have on it. I tried to verify that everything matched both your nomination intent and the actual canon names as much as possible.
Please add any questions or clarifications in a comment to this post.

I rejected Fury (Secret Avengers) as it was impossible to verify which character was wanted. I also rejected a handful of characters that do not appear in Marvel 1602. If the nominator wants to contest for their inclusion or edit to an eligible version, here's the post to do so.

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I'll be working my way through finalizing the tagset between now and March 1st when sign ups open.
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Marvel Secret Wars Battleworlds

  • All the nominations currently appearing under this are for 1872. Did the nominator want just the 1872 comics series or the entire Marvel Secret Wars Battleworlds continuity?

X-Force (Comics), X-Factor (Comics), Marvel 616, Heroes For Hire (Comics), Captain Britain and MI: 13

  • For unapproved characters with more than one possible cape name, please specify the preferred alter ego or any.

Secret Avengers

  • The character "Fury (Secret Avengers)" could apply to multiple characters. Please clarify the name.

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Because AO3's format is getting harder and harder to read as I go along.

Read more... )
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Secret Avengers

  • Fury (Secret Avengers): which character is this referring to? There are multiple characters with the name Fury.

X-Factor (Comics)

  • Fandom: Is the umbrella canon wanted or a specific run?
  • Characters without cape names/alter egos specified are: Jamie Madrox, Julio Richter, Layla Miller, Lorna Dane, Monet St. Croix, Rahne Sinclair, Shatterstar, Theresa Cassidy. If none are provided by the time nominations close, I will set them to Any.

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Marvel 1602
  • Alex Summers (Earth-311 | Marvel 1602) does not appear to exist.
  • Kurt Wagner (Earth-311 | Marvel 1602) does not appear to exist.
  • Raven | Mystique (Earth-311 | Marvel 1602) does not appear to exist.
If you wish to see these characters in Marvel 1602, you can nominate them under (Marvel) instead of (Marvel 1602), e.g. "Kurt Wagner (Marvel)/Sister Wanda (Marvel 1602)". You will be able to include multiple fandoms in a single request or offer in sign ups.

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Some fandoms appear to be specifically referring to certain runs rather than all comics under the name.
  • X-Factor (Comics) - This had at least three major runs, not all of which seem closely related or contain the nominated characters. Does the nominator have a run/series they were particularly wanting, or do you want all of them? Also please specify cape name or any.
  • Ms. Marvel (Comics) - I approved this label as is, thinking since Carol Danvers was also nominated, that all were probably intended. However, Danvers does appear in the third series, which focuses on Kamala Khan. Does the nominator want this fandom to continue including all three series or just the third series?
Runaways (Comics) and Young Avengers
  • If you have nominated characters under either of these fandoms that have multiple cape names throughout the run, please specify a cape name or Any. "Any" means you have no preferences for which part of the character's storyline/life/alter ego is nominated.

    E.g. Clint Barton | Ronin will likely generate a rather different fanwork than Clint Barton | Hawkeye, but Clint Barton | Any allows either or any other alter egos, such as Goliath.
Avengers Assemble
  • Hulk & Thor (Avengers Assemble (Cartoon)): Could the nominator please tell me whether this is Bruce Banner | Hulk or whether you are specifying solely the identity of Hulk?
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Young Avengers and Young Avengers Comics

I had two sets of nominations (at least) for Young Avengers and merged them all under the canonical fandom tag "Young Avengers" for the comics before I realized there was also an animated TV series for Young Avengers. Was anyone trying to nominate that TV series instead of the comics?

X-Men Movies and Movieverse

  • Remy LeBeau | Gambit (X-Men Movies)
  • Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau (X-Men Movies)
  • Remy LeBeau/James "Logan" Howlett (X-Men Movies)
  • Remy LeBeau/James "Logan" Howlett/Scott Summers (X-Men Movies)
These four nominations are not eligible under X-Men Movies as Remy LeBeau does not appear in the first X-Men trilogy. They are all eligible under X-Men Movieverse as he does appear in the rest of the film series. I went ahead and relocated them to the Movieverse fandom. Please let me know if you want this changed.

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Where multiple cape names are available, please specify the identity desired, e.g. Chase Stein | Talkback. If  you have no preference, please specify any, e.g. Chase Stein | Any.

I can do best guess on fandoms where there is only one cape name available, but I cannot do this with all the nominations currently in queue.
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Avengers Assemble (Cartoon)

  • Hulk & Thor (Avengers Assemble (Cartoon)): Is this specifically for the Hulk side of his personality or should this be Bruce Banner | Hulk?

Hawkeye (Comics)

While I know what this fandom generally means, this exchange does cover a broader swath of comics than usual. Is this nomination for all Hawkeye comics, that is:

  • Run September 1983–December 1983 (Mark Gruenwald)
  • Run January 1994–April 1994 (Chuck Dixon)
  • Run December 2003–August 2004 (Fabian Nicieza)
  • Run August 2012–August 2015 (Matt Fraction)
  • Run March 2015-Present (Jeff Lemire)

Arguably, Hawkeye: Blindspot could also be included under this header. Or does the nominator(s) wish to change the title to only reflect Matt Fraction or a different particular run? I have not approved or rejected this fandom, so if you do want to edit your nomination, you can simply do so.


Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • Peggy Carter (Captain America): did you want this nominated under Captain America: The First Avenger? not entirely sure what this parenthetical means here.
  • James "Bucky" Barnes (MCU): did you want James "Bucky" Barnes | Winter Soldier (MCU) or just his pre-WS self?


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